Millinery Award 2021 Entry ' Two Visions'

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Creating is my passion

It's my life, my passion and my creative side.

Hi, I'm Jules, and welcome to my world of headpieces, hats and accessories in the Millinery world!.

I can't ever so thank you for reaching my website, even if you are just browsing like at a shopping window. I greatly and ever so thank and appreciate the time you are spending on here as it gives me butterflies that you are!.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin and a friend and too I have a cornea transplant.

My millinery is for women who want to be in their own style, and who don't want to have 'one of those same pieces everyone else is wearing for the season!'.

With styles to suit your everyday attire, race wear, weddings and other occasions.

Handmade, handblocked, handcrafted by me, in Orange NSW, Australia.

Enjoy your day and reach out anytime!

x Jules